Discover the Dinetix DNA

Are you tired of your ads “not working”?
We’re here to change that : )

Online ads have a reputation of “not working”, and we know why. The reason why many online ads don’t work is that they haven’t been holistically integrated across multiple platforms.

That’s why at Dinetix, we do more than just run ads. 

We help lead generation and e-commerce businesses like yours increase your digital authority and scale your R.O.I 2 — Reach, Omnipresence, Impact, and Income.

As a Premier Google Partner, we have the experience and leading expertise to holistically integrate your ads on the three most influential channels:  Google, YouTube, and Facebook. These three channels reach billions of people per day, and it’s where 95% of your potential customers are. 

Our effective integrated ads strategy will ensure you achieve maximum impact across all three platforms. 

So you can rest assured your target audience will see your message during the moments that matter, and especially when they are ready to convert into customers.

Our Unique Process

How we transform ideas into R.O.I 2

If R.O.I2 is the ride, 3×3 is the machine. At DINETIX we keep the 3×3 machine well-oiled and neatly maintained as this is your fast and effective income-generating and impact-making machine.

PLAN the project, FUSE the matter, SCALE the business, REPEAT the process!

Step 1

1. The Goal

Goals need to be set clearly as it is a big difference if your goal is to make 100.000 USD or 1.000.000 USD and between 10.000 or 100.000 leads in your marketing funnel. Set clear goals and then build the strategy for how to get there.

2. The strategy

A rock-solid strategy needs to be in place to achieve your goals. Here it is important to define the depth and length of the funnel, advertising channels, ad assets, automation, advertising budget, delegate tasks, etc.

3.The Timeline

Nothing gets done without the timeline. Timeframes shall be set clearly and teams need to be aligned and all tasks shall have their dedicated person or team that will deliver the task in the agreed time.

Step 2

1. Progressive tracking

Advanced tracking solutions shall be used to track performance before you start buying traffic. Google Analytics has its limitations, relying on Facebook Ads or Google Ads tracking will cross-track sales and you’ll end up with wrong revenue data. The solution is independent tracking software that reveals the lifetime value of a customer and shows cross-channel value attribution.

2. Effective Ads

Ads are tailored to a specific ad platform. YouTube video ads shall be different than videos for Facebook. Split-testing ads is a must as this is the only way to constantly produce winning ads and fight ad fatigue. You have to optimize your advertising campaigns on a regular basis to get results.

3.Performance Data

Clear KPIs need to be set for each step of the funnel and enough data shall be collected before making any decisions.

Step 3

1. Find Opportunities

Your data is your own gold mine. You need to be constantly digging for new opportunities in your own data and keep approaching new audiences with your targeting.

2. Adjust Content

Your ad content and landing page content shall be ever-evolving. Make sure you are changing your content to be relevant to your target audience and keep testing new ideas.

3. Scale Your ROI2

Increase your advertising budget in performing campaigns and expand beyond your local markets. Expand your presence to several advertising platforms and become omnipresent. Consider changing your prices and expanding to new languages