Discover the Dinetix DNA

Are you tired of your ads “not working”?
We’re here to change that : )

Online ads have a reputation of “not working”, and we know why. The reason why many online ads don’t work is that they haven’t been holistically integrated across multiple platforms.

That’s why at Dinetix, we do more than just run ads. 

We help transformational leaders and coaches like you increase your digital genetic authority and scale your R.O.I 2 — Reach, Omnipresence, Impact, and Income.

As a Premier Google Partner, we have the experience and leading expertise to holistically integrate your ads on the three most influential channels:  Google, YouTube, and Facebook. These three channels reach billions of people per day, and it’s where 95% of your potential customers are. 

Our effective integrated ads strategy will ensure you have a digital genetic authority across all three platforms. 

So you can rest assured your target audience will see your message during the moments that matter, and especially when they are ready to invest in themselves.

Our Unique Process

How we transform ideas into R.O.I 2

Our Process

REACH more people and become OMNIPRESENT in their lives, Create lasting IMPACT in the world and scale your INCOME.

At the heart of our philosophy is understanding the different mindsets customers have when they are on different platforms. Some platforms are better to build brand awareness; others are better for converting.

You need the right ads with the right message that speaks to the right mindsets and moments of their life. When you do this, your ads will help you build trust and loyal customers over time.

That’s why we created “The Dinetix Way”—a unique 3-step process that has achieved powerful results for transformational leaders and coaches around the world. 

No more wasting money on the wrong ads or wrong audience.

No more losing out to your competitors by not being seen at the right moments.

Instead, you’ll establish a digital genetic authority across all three platforms that make you the ONLY solution in your customer’s hearts and minds.