Sberbank is one of the region’s largest and most successful banks. In the last five years, the company has invested in new digital products – including an innovative online banking platform – and is expanding its digital marketing efforts to reach new customers.

The Challenge

The client needed a strategy to drive new user sign-ups to its online banking platform, while generating quality inquires for its product offerings.

The Solution

Dinetix developed a banking-specific strategy that focused on Google search and Google display advertisements. The strategy enabled the client to connect with highly specific audience segments, and to deliver messaging personalized to each segment. The advertising channels used included: Google Search, Google Display, Google Remarketing and YouTube video ads.

Using display ads, as well as advanced remarketing, Sberbank was able to maximize the visibility of its messaging, offer targeted promotions to customers, and reconnect with existing customers, and influence potential customers.


Year-over-year, new users and inquiries both increased significantly. The client experienced a 34% lift in new users. And inquiries grow by 19%.


Dinetix is the ultimate player in soccer. With passes, he always finds the desired player, which in the digital world would say that Display ads always find the target audience. In a defense with the correct tackle, he stops the opponent's attempts and redirects them - the search always comes to the desired landing page. He's invisible on the pitch, he performs his tasks top-notch and therefore receives the highest score.

- Team Sberbank
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