Innovative start-up CargoX is on a mission to modernize the logistics industry. The company’s blockchain based bill of lading –first of its kind in the world – provides a fast, secure and cost-effective solution for transferring ownership of goods between shippers and distributors.

The Challenge

At product launch, the client wanted to maximize B2B inquires and build a pipeline of high-quality leads. Similarly, the company’s product had a highly specific audience – logistics and shipping industry executives – which required careful targeting.

The Solution

Dinetix carefully analyzed popular advertising channels to determine the best opportunities for reaching the client’s unique audience. Based on the desired demographics, we chose LinkedIn, Facebook and Google ads, as well as native advertising channels. This allowed us to deliver highly relevant messaging to key target demographics. And by greatly focusing our advertising to the most precise audiences, we greatly reduced the client’s cost-per-lead.


"Dinetix helped us shape our B2B marketing and lead aquisition strategies and tactics from day 1 of our activities, even before we actually had our product developed. We can only praise them for their responsiveness, their sound advice in even the most difficult situations, and their analytical approach in every situation. That is how they think, how they operate, and how they execute the plans - and they always keep up with new development in the field, refreshing their views and toolset. We rely heavily on their services and we are confident to keep them as marketing partners and advisors in the future."

- Igor Dragar
Chief marketing officer

Cost Per B2B Lead (June 2018, September 2018)

0 %

Numbers of B2B Inquiries (June 2018, September 2018)

+ 0 %

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